Thursday, June 14, 2012

In the pipe 5 by 5....where's the damned beacon?

Man, I have been in a funk all week. I haven't drawn anything until today. I did just find my favorite pen today, so maybe that was it. None of those other pens had any images in them.
Actually, I know exactly what happened: Performance Anxiety. I can be going right along and creating new things with ease and the moment somebody says, "I want you to do this" I shut down. I'm not blaming anybody but myself. It is an internal malfunction that I am well aware of. This is why I will probably never have a job that involves creative energy. Any expectations what-so-ever just break me.
But I must press on.

These are just quick half-baked ideas. I'm letting them come, scribbling them down and putting them away. Later I will go back and see which have merit, if any.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Face the Nation

I think this might be the face of my "People" on planet weird.

The elephant seal in the room....

Our naturalist has found himself on the beach in my strange world. I actually have a plan and direction for all of this apparently perverse Fauna and Flora. No, really.

Monday, June 4, 2012


Being the Lazy Bum that I am, I retooled one of my new pieces for the Nvidia contest that I entered.

What is wrong with this guy?

My wife recently told me that my subject matter raises questions as to my mental state. People who do not know me look at what I have drawn and ask questions about my disposition, my ethics, my needs. So I got to thinking about all of that and I wonder, what am I trying to say? The only answer I have come up with is, Nothing. I have nothing to say, no message to convey. I sit down with a pen and I let the images trapped within free themselves. I never know what I am going to draw until I draw it. I did notice that I do get hooked on certain shapes for a period of time. I am currently in my vagina phase apparently, but does this really say anything about my mind? It must, in some way right? Since I let my subconscious determine my subject matter, I must be abstracting my internal dialogue, right? But I don't feel particularly sexually frustrated, so what is it? For the most part, when I come up with a questionable image I am usually going for the "eeew" factor, anyway. So I guess it's working. In the case of the "Vagina Monsters" I was looking for something completely different, yet still believably organic. Something that would evoke a sense of ickyness, like insect faces do to me, while at the same time remaining completely realistic and plausible. So does that say that vaginas are the ickiest thing that my mind can imagine? I don't think so. I think that judging from the response that they got, it says a lot about the minds and attitudes of my audience, which is good. I think as an artist (I can't believe that I just used that term to describe myself), that is what I want to do. I want my art to cause my viewers to reflect on their internal dialogue and be slightly repulsed by what it said. Is that wrong?